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The Signing of the National Covenant Grayfriars Kirkyard Edinburgh 1638 by William Allan

City of Edinburgh Council



           Established in Glasgow. Registered in London.    

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 Welcome to the BUP website.


We are a new British political party with old political roots.

If you agree with our policies then please join us or make a donation in support. 

 We are a United Kingdom wide party and welcome new members from across the Nation.


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  “I had rather have a plain russet-coated captain that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that which you call a gentleman and is nothing else.”

 Letter from Cromwell to Sir William Spring. Sept. 1643.

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We Shall Remember Them


The Somme



 British Unionist Party  


We believe in  the Sovereign Authority and the Rule of Law of the British People through the Crown in Parliament.

 We Affirm the Parliamentary Unity, Authority, Liberty, and Territorial and Legislative Integrity of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

 We Act to secure a Parliamentary majority in order to legislate our Manifesto and Beliefs.


 For 50 years the Conservative and Labour parties have taken our country down a  revolutionary road to National ruin.

 They have taken us away from our established Christian foundations and into an emerging secular state.

They have taken us away from our common social bonds and into to a broken apart and a set against each other society.

 They have taken us away from a serious national economy and into a "funtime" service marketplace.

 They have taken usaway from our Parliamentary representative democratic institutions and into a foreign state.

 For 50 years the Conservative and Labour parties have torn our country apart.

 We will put it back together again.


 The Parliamentary Representation Principle.

We believe in British Parliamentary representative democracy. 

The BUP will only stand for election to the British Parliament and local councils. 

 (we will not stand for EU Parliament or devolved elections - we do not believe in them)

We oppose the anti-parliamentary referendum device. 


A National Economy.

 We believe in a national economy.

An economy that serves the British people it does not impoverish them morally or materially.

 We believe in a serious economy based on defence, public infrastructure and heavy industry.

An economy in which the principal and serious activities of the Nation are best conducted by the State  and the other activities are best conducted by private enterprise.

 We believe in a clear demarcation between public and private interests. 

An economy that distinguishes between public and private but provides for co-operation from both in the British interest.

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